The feel of the Jazz I search to create is that from Jazz's golden era, 40's through to the 60's all of which inspired by the finest Jazz vocalists of the day: Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae.

Joanna Rimmer sings pure jazz without compromising, with technical excellence and intonation; all things which have to be learnt.

She has at her interpretative strength absolute respect of the actual melody - Jazz through and through - and has a capacity to rejuvenate the great standards from the past, above all, of the Great American Songbook. But there's more to it than that: I would say a complete respect towards the public which translates to knowing how to bring to life a stage and of knowing how to make, whoever is listening, feel at ease through witty and intelligent presentations of the tunes.

The public of Offagna Jazz Festival in Italy, were left utterly bewitched by her and quite rightly dedicated to her a standing ovation. Here, in the midst of all this sloven vulgarity of nowadays; Joanna Rimmer has under her belt a professionalism that is long lost, and what stands out is an intelligence, an elegance, and grace; of expressive intensity. Brava Joanna: we look forward to your second concert for us!" Massimo Tarabelli, Ancona Jazz 2009


Rai Uno

Gee Baby

Honeysuckle Rose

Yes Sir, That's My Baby


I'm Confessin'

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