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Track 1.mp3

Track 2.mp3

Track 3.mp3

Track 4.mp3

Track 5.mp3

Track 6.mp3

Track 7.mp3

Track 8.mp3

Track 9.mp3

Track 10.mp3

Russi zinino

Track 1.mp3

Track 2.mp3

Track 3.mp3

Track 4.mp3

Track 5.mp3

Track 6.mp3


Freddy Colt

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13 Allegramente.mp3

14 What A Little Moonlight Can Do Live.mp3

07 Eclipse.mp3

08 Someone Beside Me.mp3

09 Naco.mp3

10 Baciami Piccina.mp3

11 Tishomingo Blues.mp3

12 Ripassando La Lezione.mp3

01 Makin Whoopee.mp3

02 Sugar.mp3

03 Down With Love.mp3

04 Swing Mr. Charlie.mp3

05 Cincignizza.mp3

06 Anni Trenta.mp3


Live Taxbanda

01 Track 1.mp3

02 Track 2.mp3

03 Track 3.mp3

04 Track 4.mp3

05 Track 5.mp3

06 Track 6.mp3

07 Track 7.mp3

08 Track 8.mp3

09 Track 9.mp3

10 Track 10.mp3

11 Track 11.mp3

12 Track 12.mp3

13 Track 13.mp3

14 Track 14.mp3

15 Track 15.mp3

16 Track 16.mp3

17 Track 17.mp3



Riccardo Zegna on Piano

Aldo Zunnino on Bass

Stefano Bagnoli on Drums

01 Track 1.mp3

strange forme

y_01 Track 1.mp3

y_02 Track 2.mp3

y_03 Track 3.mp3

y_04 Track 4.mp3

y_05 Track 5.mp3

y_06 Track 6.mp3

y_07 Track 7.mp3

y_08 Track 8.mp3


Pietra lounge

1603800616_1C3_01 Track 1.mp3

1603800616_1C3_11 Track 11.mp3

1603800616_1C3_02 Track 2.mp3

1603800616_1C3_12 Track 12.mp3

1603800616_1C3_03 Track 3.mp3

1603800616_1C3_13 Track 13.mp3

1603800616_1C3_04 Track 4.mp3

1603800616_1C3_14 Track 14.mp3

1603800616_1C3_05 Track 5.mp3

1603800616_1C3_15 Track 15.mp3

1603800616_1C3_06 Track 6.mp3

1603800616_1C3_16 Track 16.mp3

1603800616_1C3_07 Track 7.mp3

1603800616_1C3_17 Track 17.mp3

1603800616_1C3_08 Track 8.mp3

1603800616_1C3_18 Track 18.mp3

1603800616_1C3_09 Track 9.mp3

1603800616_1C3_19 Track 19.mp3

1603800616_1C3_10 Track 10.mp3

1603800616_1C3_20 Track 20.mp3


1603801405_Jazzy_01 Track 1.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_02 Track 2.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_03 Track 3.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_04 Track 4.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_05 Track 5.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_06 Track 6.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_07 Track 7.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_08 Track 8.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_09 Track 9.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_10 Track 10.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_11 Track 11.mp3

1603801405_Jazzy_12 Track 12.mp3

In Between


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